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Year: 1986-1990
The jewelry designed for Cleto Munari proposes a different relationship to the human wearer. Mimetic of neither human form nor human proportion, each piece denies any connection to or embellishment of the human form. They are not decorative or representational but, rather, are part of a scaled continuum of objects from the ring to a building. More like ritual objects that carry mystical and unconscious meanings, the pieces are to be worn on symbolic occasions. It is clear that they mean, but what they mean can never been known.

The limited-edition plates for Swid Powell and door handles manufactured by FSB GmbH for the Wexner Center for the Visual Arts are variations on the grid patterns of the Wexner Center. The patterns for a collection of fabrics with Knoll, called Snakes and Ladders, are derived from diagrams from several architectural projects. The arc of the oar-stroke that defined the landscape for the Banyoles Olympic Hotel, the snaking wire-frame diagram of the addition to the Aronoff Center for Design and Art, and the Boolean Cube diagram for the Carnegie Mellon Research Institute are each, in their woven repetitions, the basis for uniquely patterned and colored upholstery fabrics.